Warning:What you are about to read will dramatically change your thoughts on selling your home

Dear Homeowner,

Since you’ve had your home listed on the market, this is the most important letter you will ever read. Let me be frank. I know you have received marketing pieces from dozens of Realtors now that your listing agreement has expired. Quick question... where in the heck were all of these agents when your home was listed? The answer is simple. They were begging for business. Just like they are today. They have no buyers for your home. As a matter of fact, these agents spend 85% of their time prospecting for new business because they don’t have enough clients to work with each and every day of the week.

Here is a quick assumption on your situation. Your home didn’t sell and you have a pretty good reason why. Number one, you feel your agent didn’t do a good job (if they even knew how to do a good job) at promoting your home. Sure, they were excited to have a new listing for the first 30-60 days and things seemed to be going well. You were probably even getting a fair number of showings. After that, the agent started to think that the home wasn’t going to sell so they quit spending their money for fear that they wouldn’t get a return on their investment. Not only that, their communication sucked! You heard from them for the first month or so and then they pulled a Houdini on you and disappeared. Did they have the nerve to call you after they realized they may lose a paycheck and plead with you to extend the listing agreement? Yeah right. They’d better think again. Some homeowners need their agent to negotiate with their bank and they’ve made excuses there too.

I am going to tell you, there is a better way. The fact is, your home may not have sold for SEVERAL reasons other than price. In fact, it may have been one of the most desirable homes on the market. How in the world can anyone buy it if the agent never brings them to see it? Not only will I address these issues in this letter, I will also explain how to choose the best agent to sell your home. You will easily become educated (much more educated than 7,200 other agents would like you to be) about choosing a Realtor. I will shamelessly and ethically bribe you to list your home with me so that I can get you to the closing table. Yes, you read that correctly, not only will I show you how to weed out the “less than desirable agents”, I will BRIBE you to interview with me. How will I do that??? Read on to find out.


Here is the true story behind Realtors. The National Association of Realtors states that the average agent sells about 5 homes a year. That is less than one every 2 months! Keep in mind, this income places them well below the poverty level. What does that mean for you? That’s easy! The agent may not be able to pay their own bills, let alone even think about spending money to advertise your home!


The fact is, in the four surrounding counties of Gwinnett,Forsyth, Hall and Dawson FMLS last month alone, over 1286 homes actually sold and closed last month. That doesn’t even include the new construction homes that are sold through the new build companies every day! The market is dry right now? I don’t think so! Bad time of year to sell? Not hardly. It wasn’t a bad time for 1,286 other homeowners last month! Let’s stop all of the lame excuses. The fact is, whatever the BS reason everyone has for not selling, the dang home isn’t sold. Does an invalid excuse fix your situation? Forget about it!

Let’s talk turkey here. You need an agent with THE most aggressive marketing plan in town. With the features your property has, you need an attentive agent that can convey these benefits to the public. Do you believe success leaves clues? I do. And the first thing you should look at is an agent’s production. Jump on their website. If they have less than 10 listings, that means not many other homeowners think they are that great either. Their volume won’t allow them to “cross sell” to your home. What does that mean? An agent with 10 or 20 listings receives dozens of calls every day from qualified buyers wanting to buy homes. They may be calling from a for sale sign, the Internet, a magazine or a full page advertisement in the newspaper. However they’ve called, the home they are calling on may not match their exact needs. Your agent can cross sell them over to your home. The only way this works is for the agent to have lots of listings and outspend all other Realtors in the marketing of each and every home. Once again, the buyers can’t buy the home if they don’t know it is for sale! You also need a Realtor that has superior communication. The days of you not getting feedback from showings (or even knowing if the people showed up) are over as of right now. Your agent MUST offer a secure private website where only you can log on 24 hours a day to see ALL of the feedback from EVERY showing you have on your home. If your potential agent doesn’t offer this, they don’t deserve your business.

In addition to these items and possibly most importantly, they must have a team working for them. The job called Real Estate Agent is actually 5 jobs in one. You have the lead generation, advertising and marketing, client care specialist, accounting department and closing coordinator. It’s no wonder you never heard from your last agent! Your new Realtor will operate as a true professional and will have a professionally trained team with all tasks and communication duties delegated to a professional. This is a key factor to truly getting SOLD quickly.

So as promised... here is my pitch.

My team of professionals offers all of the services listed above. As a matter of fact, My specialty is in selling homes that other agents were not able to sell. I won’t sit here and bore you with all the crap about how I am the #1 agent in town, make the most money or worse yet, give you some corny line or catchy phrase to try to grab your attention. I don’t think much of agents whose idea of marketing is to look like a crazy lunatic to get you to notice them. The fact is, I am the most successful at getting homes like yours, with your situation, SOLD. That’s all that matters. My advertising plan puts your home in front of more buyers than you ever thought possible. Of course I would like to meet with you to discuss all of the wonderful details and consider possibly taking on your home but do I deserve 30 minutes of your time just based on what I have said so far? NOPE. But as I stated, I have a few guarantees and bribes that will coax you along so that you give me a half hour to show you all of my benefits. Within that meeting, I will be able to tell you if I am interested in selling your home or not.



Bribe #1

My Guaranteed Sale Price Program

I will sell your home at 98.5% of your asking price or I will pay you the difference myself !

That’s right! I won’t promise you an unrealistic price and then talk you into taking a lowball offer. If I agree to list your home, and we agree on an acceptable price, I guarantee to sell it at 98.5% of our asking price or I’ll pay you the difference! You will receive all of the details on this amazing program during our quick meeting. This is a “carved in stone” guarantee that all parties agree to in writing! This means that whatever you need to get from the sale of your home is the price you will actually sell it for in the end!

Bribe #2

Your home Sold in 45 Days or I'll Pay You

If I can't get your home sold within 45 days,I'll pay you a penalty fee!

The last thing you want to do is have your home on the market for another 4, 6, or 12 months. I guarantee you that I will get your home in contract within 45 days of our original listing date or I will give you $1,000 off of your commission fee! Not only do I tell you I will get your home sold fast, I hold myself accountable by penalizing myself at closing if I don’t follow through! If I agree to represent your listing after we meet, it means that I am confident I can sell the home. I am more than willing to show my clients that I am accountable by putting my money where my mouth is.

Bribe #3

 Test Drive of Our Services

If you are not happy with my service or marketing,you can walk!

I’m sure you feel like I do about promises. Don’t tell me you are the best, show me. I will allow you to take my services for a free test drive! I feel confident that after meeting with me, you will see that I have the best realty program in North Georgia. If I feel that I can sell your home, go ahead and list it with me. If ANY of my promises don’t hold true, if you feel the advertising won’t work, or if you don’t think we are communicating better than anyone you’ve ever worked with in your entire life, FIRE ME! You will get the first 15 days with no obligation and if on the 15th day, you don’t think my sales team is your best option, call me and tell me to take a hike! You are obligated to nothing if you exercise your right at anytime during your 15 day trial period.

So there you have it. A rather lengthy note explaining just the tip of the iceberg on the services my team provides. Do you see the difference? Visit my website at www.BrianCanty.com and then call me today. Remember I will allow you to take a free test drive with no obligation. 678-614-9197.

Brian Canty


the Brian Canty Team at Realty Professionals


P.S. You didn’t think I would forget a powerful testimonial did you?

Homeowner Lives In Misery For 8 Months, Then Finds The Secret & Sells In Under 30 Days!


To Whom It May Concern,

My wife and I listed our home with another Realtor in October. The home remained listed with that Realtor until early June. In the 8 months it was listed we showed it 17 times. We tolerated the blatant refusal to follow our 24 hour notice policy because we really wanted to sell our home. In early June we received a flyer from the Brian Canty Team at Realty Professionals who guaranteed to sell our home and offered some penalties to himself if he didn’t produce results. I figured it was too good to be true and what could he do that the other Realtor couldn’t? Well on June 21st we listed our house with Brian Canty. We showed it a few times and had a no show. My wife and I figured “here we go again”. We had a double showing in early July and the second couple looked and we immediately received a call from Brian Canty letting us know they were interested! We couldn’t control ourselves! What a difference in attitude with Brian! We called him incessantly with questions and he either always answered or called back immediately. Brian made us feel like we were his only clients and seemed to be an old family friend. Brian understood our situation with our jobs, hours and children as I consider our situation non-normal at best!

We signed a purchase agreement on July 14th that had contingencies, but it worked. Less than 30 (LESS THAN 30!) days on the market and we were SOLD! Brian came over on a weekend and explained the pro’s and con’s of the contingencies and the effects of the conditions. He never seemed tired or frustrated with my lack of Real Estate experience. My wife and I have already planned that if (when) we sell again, we will use Brian Canty and his team again! He changed my miserable, upsetting and depressing experience of selling a home into a pleasurable and smooth as I think is possible. This is not a solicited commentary, and I do not make testimonial letters a habit or routine, I just wish we would have listed our home with Brian Canty in October, which would have removed 8 months of stress from my marriage.

Randy and Susan J.

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Now For The “Fine Print” And The Things You Don’t Want To Hear

First, congratulations on reading through this letter and finding a more detailed approach to your home sale. I’m sure you’ve found that Brian Canty’s office can certainly get you to closing quickly with their coveted guarantees. After participating in hundreds of closings throughout North Georgia, the experience he carries can certainly get your home sold as it has for countless other clients. Unfortunately, we have to have a disclaimer within this letter to verify that everyone understands the terms.

DISCLAIMER: By receiving this letter, it does not obligate Brian Canty or his staff to accept you or your listing for representation. Mr. Canty’s successful closing ratios rank among the highest in the area and this is partially due to the fact that he is very selective as to the clients he will accept. He charges you nothing to meet you at your home and discuss the reasons your home didn’t sell, as well as the things he can do to force it to sell quickly. However, this free consultation is without obligation for the agent and the homeowner. If you are accepted as a client there are several guidelines that he will require you follow to ensure the best possibility of your home selling. During your initial interview, Brian or his licensed team member will walk through the property, find out your wants and needs and assess the entire overview of the transaction to determine if it is something they wish to represent the client on. Regardless of the final decision, they will still give you complimentary tips on how you can improve your odds of selling regardless of which Realtor you are using.


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